Friday, July 24, 2020

24 Hour Racing Lemons Style

The Bunch of Idiots know how to win at Lemons!
Prize money? That's about 500 dollars worth of nickels in those boxes!

Coming up in September, the NMS-South team will join forces once again with the Bunch of Idiots racers in their hooptie Miata race car for another Lemons race. What's a Lemons race? Glad you asked!
Camden Lemons Block Party

A car that keeps having mechanical issues is a lemon, right? Plus, perhaps you've heard of the most famous 24 race in the world at LeMans in France? So, combine those two concepts and pronounce the French LeMans like you don't speak French, and VOILA! There you have the 24 Hours of Lemons!

Everyone has fun at a Lemons race!

Take a car that costs less than $500, install all the safety gear you need (roll bars, helmets, HANS device, race seats, tow straps, etc) and then round up some bunch of idiot friends, and then go on track and race 50-70 other similar cars on a track. The race at CMP on September 12-13 will be a full 24 hours, so the cars will have headlights, drivers swapping out, lots of pit stops for fuel, tons of cars breaking down, and teams wrenching through the night to try and get back on track. Tires will be used up, brakes replaced, heroic mechanical repairs will be attempted, and for 24 hours in a row the cars will keep racing.

You might meet famous people and cars!

Of course, the main thing is to get a lot of time behind the wheel and drive the car, and there are plenty of safety officials, fire, and medical crews around to run a safe event. What makes the race in South Carolina so unique is that it's the only Lemons race in the country (and there are races across the USA all year long) with a pre-race block party. IF the Covid conditions allow, Friday September 11th will be where you can hang out and view all the Lemons racers in downtown Camden.
Coming off track after winning Class C at CMP!

Check out the 24hoursoflemons website for more info and current schedule for September 11-13:


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