Thursday, August 13, 2020

Weekend Coming in Hot for NMS

For the first time in 2020, all two members of the NMS team will be back to driving events this weekend! They won't be in the same place, so let's take a look at what the guys are up to.

Better Trade in Those Hats for Some Helmets!

Saturday and Sunday: Brian kicks off two days of Time Trials in the NMS Miata at the famous North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (NCCAR) track close to the Virginia border in Garysburg NC. With long time NMS friends like Kyle Ray-Smith and various folks from VA, NC, and SC, this event will feature cars going for fast single laps over two days.  NC Region Weekend Event

Every Sticker = +5HP!

The NCCAR facility has some great pavement, constant radius curves, and will be running one direction Saturday and then reverse and go the other way on Sunday. Brian is going to be finishing up some work on the Chevy turbo-diesel truck to haul the updated trailer with the Miata, so a fun filled weekend of camping and driving is guaranteed to be had by all!

 Refueling Ready!
Sunday: Robert joins in the fun for the first time in the NMS Cayman, with an autocross event at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. Porsche Club of America autocross events have classes for P cars only, as well as classes for non-Porsches, so everyone can come out and drive their cars competitively. Driving in the P2 class, NMS goes up against another Cayman and one Boxster that have registered so far, so we're predicting a TOP THREE place in this 3 car class for now!

Sure, You're Smiling BEFORE Driving, Let's See How
It Looks at the Finish Line!
We'll be seeing how the Cayman performs on regular street tires, with very little experience in this car, so we'll settle for having a lot of fun. A little pre-event testing on appropriate launching feel for the PDK transmission might be helpful, as well as a quick check of the tires and brakes to make sure we're good to go on Sunday.

The NMS-North logistics department has some nice OZ Racing 18 inch wheels and brand new Hankook RS4 tires on order, but they are not expected to arrive for this event. Translation: we've got plenty of excuses if we don't place very well in this event!

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