Sunday, October 14, 2018

Car Show Report Part I: RIDICULOUS!

Just Another Ferrari on the Way to the Car Show!

Sure, there are some awesome car shows in the world where the super rich display their million dollar cars. There's also plenty of cruise-ins, Cars and Coffee events, hangouts, and plenty of other automotive events. While the NMS team hasn't been to the super exclusive deluxe black tie type of events you might find in Monaco, Switzerland, and the Monterey Week in California, we're happy to report that today we attended the Concours d'Elegance at the fancy shopping center in Manhasset NY. You know, the kind of shops that we don't shop at like Rolex and stuff like that! It's a shopping center with a Tesla dealer for crying out loud! EVENT LINK

Today was a TOUGH day on Long Island, with multiple events from which to choose for the car fan. Besides this event, there was also a Cars and Coffee at the local Acura dealer to show off the 2019 NSX. Then, there was a huge show called Driven to America that saluted Porsche and their 70th anniversary, with air cooled cars and the story of the first Porsche dealer in America which was in Manhattan NY. If that wasn't enough, I skipped the final autocross of the year, and in case you're wondering, I think I had a lot more fun at the Concours, so all in all I'm a happy camper.

This marks our first use of a new upgraded camera phone, so enough talk, let's just check out some awesome cars we spotted today.

Rolls Royce

Ford GT

Skip Barber Racing School


Several Ferraris!



Corvette "She OK It"

A Happy Smiling Lotus


Ford Thunderbird

Ghostbusters sorta

Mercedes, hey, it's for sale!



Dodge Viper

Mercedes AMG

My Lovely Assistant With a Lamborghini


Chevy SS


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