Saturday, October 20, 2018

Formula 1 The Easy Way

Alfa Romeo: They Sponsor the Sauber F1 Team
Being a Formula 1 fan in the US is not always the easiest thing in the world. Sure, we can find races on ESPN this year, on line all the time, and thanks to all the digital magic it's easy to watch races when it's convenient. But to be a real race fan, you want to see the action LIVE and as it happens. With a sport that takes place in a lot of different time zones, from Austin Texas to Japan and lots of places in between, that means getting up in the middle of the night for that 2am race in Japan.

Hey, but this week, it's super EASY to be an F1 fan. The race is in the US, and will happen at 2PM eastern time on Sunday afternoon! What could be easier than that? The first way it could be easier is if it's on a network station instead of the Internet or ESPN which you may or may not have. NO PROBLEM, because being a USA race, it's on good old ABC this weekend! What else could be easier?  Well, next weekend is another race in a USA friendly time zone, when the Mexican F1 race will take place Sunday afternoon. A few weeks after that the Brazilian F1 race will also air in the US during daylight hours on Sunday, just imagine that!

At the race in Austin tomorrow (October 21st), we expect to see Lewis Hamilton score enough points to lock up his 5th world title. If somehow he doesn't do that tomorrow, he's pretty much sure to do so in Mexico next week anyway. With five titles that will put Hamilton one ahead of current Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, and Alain Prost. This would also give Hamilton a tie with the great Juan Manuel Fangio, and leave him still two titles behind the all time leader Michael Schumacher's seven championships.

Being an F1 world champion I'm sure is pretty cool. If that particular goal is a bit out of reach for most of us, at least we can still dream of winning the Mega Millions on Tuesday and taking home the 1.6 Billion dollars. I'd settle for being world champion lottery winner!

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