Wednesday, October 31, 2018

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience at Citi Field

I bet you want to drive a new BMW! In fact, to be more specific, I bet you want to drive the BMW 530e Performance, or the BMW X2! Well, wishes do come true (as long as you don't wish for the Mega Millions billion dollar winner), because the BMW folks are bringing the Ultimate Driver Experience to just ONE more place this year!

Let Your BMW Flag Fly!

BMW is headed to Citi Field in New York City on November 9-15 for more of their Ultimate Driving Experience. If you are in the area, check out this link and sign up now to get your own time behind the wheel of some great BMWs and a quick little autocross driving competition too!

We checked it out at Met Life Stadium earlier this year, so we can highly recommend this
for those of you that feel the need for speed but don't have access to a Top Gun fighter jet.


NMS North drove the BMWUDE in May this year over in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium, and we can guarantee you're going to love this! I mean, you're going to love driving the heck out of a brand new BMW, with an instructor, and getting yourself around the autocross course with lots of cones as fast as HUMANLY POSSIBLE! It is a competition if you want to go for it, but if you just want to drive and have fun you can do that too!

NMS with Instructor

Both the 5 series and the X2 were a lot of fun to drive, and we can confirm that just like in autocross, if you hit a cone you will get time added to your driving, so DON'T HIT THE CONES! I managed to drive the fastest time in my run group in May, but with the 1 cone penalty I didn't advance to the next round of competition. So remember, keep it clean out there, and SEND IT!

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