Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Short Formula 1 Career

How You Think it Will Turn Out!

A few weeks ago I was driving in an online Formula 1 computer game contest, competing with thousands of drivers around the world in search of fame and glory. Well, there doesn't seem to be any fame or glory floating around the NMS-North HQ today, so let's just say it was fun to compete!

Maybe I was Dreaming?

In four different races on four different tracks, I have PROOF that I'm one of the world's slowest computer racers in the Formula 1 game! Hey wait a minute, maybe my computer was slow, or I had a bad connection, or the sun was in my eyes! That's what is great about computer games, there are tons of excuses you can use!

The winners of this computer gaming competition will still be competing for some big prizes, and get to go to some of the real F1 races to compete, so if you want to see some teenagers that can get around on the computer, check it out on the official Formula 1 website FORMULA 1


From the game screen shot above, you can see that in the final race at Monaco I managed an AWESOME 1,151st place out of 1,253 drivers. Hey, at least I tried, and somehow managed to finish ahead of 102 people. Sure, maybe that was the 102 people that had never played the game, or had their electricity go out in the middle of race, but shoot, it always feels good to NOT be LAST!

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