Saturday, May 5, 2018

NYR Autocross Standings

Let's take a look at how the points are stacking up in the New York Region (NYR) now that NMS has gotten into the competition. The region has held two events so far, and we've driven in exactly 50% of them, so you can see the point standings in the combined Street Touring categories below. Points for each event will be scored from 1st place to last as 9-6-4-3-2-1, with every competitor getting 1 point just for competing. Other than everyone getting 1 point, that leaves only 5 drivers scoring more than one point for each event, so it's going to be tough to compete if you're not in the top 5 at each event. Lucky for NMS the FIAT took 4th place last weekend, which was good for 3 points, landing the red car in a tie for 6th for the season. One Miata driver also has 3 points, so the generally used tie-breaker rules would give the nod to NMS for taking a 4th place for our 3 points, while the other driver's three points came from a lower 5th place plus another point for the first event. 

From the chart above, there were 18 drivers at the first event, and 12 drivers at the second event. I'm not sure if this list is accurate, since the on line results were a little bit different, but this is what I found on line from the NYR.

What's interesting about the points so far is seeing how many different types of cars are competing, ranging from a lot of Miatas to the Subarus, two Toyotas, three different models of BMWs, plus a Honda Civic, VW Beetle, and the Ford family is represented by a Mustang, a Fiesta ST, and a Focus ST. Pretty much any car can autocross, and we guarantee that you're going to have fun no matter what you drive!

The third autocross event will be coming up next week on Saturday May 12th! I should be able to get my rear tires swapped and mounted so that the tires rotate the right way this time!

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