Friday, May 25, 2018

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

This Sunday is the annual BIG TRIPLE HEADER of motor racing. You can kick things off at 9am eastern time with the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, and heck, you can even pronounce it Mo-NAH-co if you want! Somehow they manage to drive today's cars around the tiny streets of Monaco, so this is the shortest course of the year, and in many ways the most challenging.

Noon time, return to the US with the Indy 500, which oddly enough will be held in Indianapolis Indiana again! Wouldn't it be cool if the Indy 500 was held in Pittsburgh or Sacramento? Nah, not really. OK, how about if the Indy 500 was 400 miles long? Well, I guess that wouldn't fit either, so let's just keep it how it is. Last year we had F1 driver Fernando Alonso competing in the 500, but this year he'll be back in his McLaren at Monaco. I've never driven the track at Indy, but have marched a lap several times with a marching band, and run on the track during a couple of half-marathons. My guess is that driving at over 200mph is WAY faster and more fun!

Finish off your BIG TRIPLE HEADER with the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 from Charlotte Motor Speedway. Our NMS drivers have done a few laps at Charlotte in our own cars, so I can pretty much guarantee it would be a blast to do it at higher speeds in a NASCAR ride too. With the banking on the big oval, Charlotte is a great place to drive.

Whatever type of racing you like, there should be something you enjoy on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!

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