Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Your Future Car

McLaren, my choice for my FUTURE CAR!

The easiest thing to ask at this point is if YOUR FUTURE CAR WILL FLY! However, since that topic has been around since the 1950s or so, let's move on to something a little more likely. Oh sure, there are always some real flying car-like things out there and in the news, but are you going to go buy one right now? Do you have your pilot's license? Do you need one for a flying car? With all the bad drivers on the ground, I just don't think I want to deal with any of them up in the air!

OK, moving on, will your future car be electric, gas, diesel, hydrogen, or powered by re-cycled  pizza boxes? Personally I'm kind of leaning on the pizza box theory, since there's probably a plentiful supply of them around, and more pizza places here in New York than I can believe! Being a peace lover type I don't want to initiate WWIII with the Chicago vs. New York pizza debate, but I bet we could all agree that running your car on recycled pizza boxes would get every one's vote! Running low on fuel? Go get another pizza, kills two birds with one stone, WORLD PEACE!

NMS would understand if you drive a hybrid, electric, or even hydrogen fuel vehicle. Shoot, we'd love to do that too, just as soon as it becomes affordable, practical, and viable. That day could be today, so we'll see how that turns out in the future. Not to brag or anything, but NMS-South has experienced a bit of the hydrogen fueled vehicle future since Brian was at a hydrogen vehicle demo in DC some years ago. You can ask him about it, but I notice that all his cars run on "gas."

Do you drive an imported car? By imported we mean a car built outside the USA, or, at least, mostly built outside the USA. Even this category is hard to define, since the NMS FIAT was assembled in Mexico but still includes an engine built in Michigan. Does that make it an import? Who knows these days! So many cars are built in more than one country and either sold there or shipped to other countries, I'm just going to state that it really doesn't matter. Another example is if you want to buy the car built with the most US made parts in it, then you can go shopping in Georgetown Kentucky where the Toyota Camry is made. Yep, the Japanese company Toyota builds the Camry in  KY and the last article I saw on this topic said the Camry had the most US made parts of anything.

In previous blogs we've mentioned cars from other countries, like the Ram Promaster van that is built in Turkey and sold here, so today we'd like to introduce to you the idea that your future car just might be built in China or India! From what we can find out, the Ford Ecosport is now for sale in the US, and it's the first vehicle built in India that you can buy here! Here's a bit more info at this link: AUTOWEEK

Ford Ecosport
As far as Chinese vehicles go, you'll have to wait for 2019 to buy your future car built in China, according to this article with the announcement from Chinese maker GAC: GAC ARTICLE
Before you make fun of Chinese or Indian cars, just remember what the reception was for Korean, Japanese, or even some German cars when they were first sold in the US. It took a while, but all those countries are now known for making reliable cars, so it makes sense that the Indian and Chinese companies will do the same.

Hey, here's another idea! If some foreign car isn't your thing, maybe your future car just might be a full blooded AMERICAN race car from the past! And that car could be coming to you courtesy of a certain Mr. Richard Petty! Yeah, they are auctioning off one of The King's race cars (and more) on May 12th, and you can read all about it at this story: Petty Auction

Petty Auction Car

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