Saturday, March 10, 2018

NMS at Road Atlanta

Thanks to Luke O'Hara for the Photo, his Corvette is 3rd from the left.
Brian's Miata is the red one on the left. 

A lot of blogs about cars (OK, a couple of blogs about cars) have a discussion on "What Did You Do To Your Car Today?" so here's the NMS version of What Is Brian Doing To His Miata This Weekend? The answer: DRIVING AT ROAD ATLANTA!

Brian shared this photo of the track on Saturday morning

This weekend is another High Performance Driver Education (HPDE for the acronym lovers) with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA, not to be confused with the Space going NASA folks). In multiple sessions on track, Brian and the NMS Miata will be lapping in an effort to both learn the track and get more experience at driving in a safe but high speed environment. HPDE is all about improving the driver's skills, and getting to feel more comfortable at high speeds. It's not racing, and not a competition, so like a musician practicing their scales or working on their solo and learning new songs in a practice room, the drivers are working on the basic fundamentals of racing, such as shifting, braking, accelerating, cornering, looking ahead, and the other 100 things that can improve performance.

Ferrari Corsa Clienti set-up. 

The photo above shows some tents being set up for a different driving event that will be held next week at Road Atlanta. This will feature the Ferrari folks (red cars, Italian, world famous, etc.) and their exclusive Corsa Clienti program. Basically, you can buy their "used" Formula 1 cars and other exotics, and then the Ferrari mechanics and technicians will store and maintain the car for you at their headquarters in Italy, bring the cars out to various tracks around the world, and you just have to show up and drive your car. I'm pretty sure that if you have to ask how much this costs that you can't afford it, but it's nice to know that such programs exist. Keep this in mind if you ever win the Powerball!


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