Thursday, March 22, 2018

Formula 1 Kicks Off Tonight!

TV Listings From the Haas F1 Team

Well, Race cars don't really "kick-off" like in football you know, it's just a sports term that means "starts." And by "football" I mean good old USA brand Football, not that "soccer" type of football like the rest of the world watches. By "watches" I mean views, not like in a Rolex timepiece that costs a bazillion dollars. And it's not really "Tonight" because it's taking place in Australia where by the time it's tonight for us it will be "Tomorrow" for them, but since I'm in the USA then it's "Tonight." OK, now that we've cleared that up...

Formula 1 comes to your TV or streaming device this Thursday night at 9pm Eastern time. Why 9pm? Because it's from down under mate! The season starts in Australia, so that's really great news if you live in Australia or even New Zealand, but on the other side of the planet, that means that F1 fans will be losing a LOT of sleep this weekend. 

Here's the broadcast schedule (see above) for the US, so I hope you have ESPN this year, because they take over the TV coverage from NBCSN. I also hope you have ESPN 3. And I hope you have ESPN 2. Shoot, I even hope you have ESPNEWS, whatever that is. Maybe some of the later races will also be on ESPN 8, AKA "THE OCHO!" Besides trying to remember which ESPN channel to tune in, the biggest change in all of this is that in the US we will be getting the broadcasters of SKY sports in England, so we probably won't be seeing any of the guys from NBCSN, although Will Buxton might be involved. 

Fine, now we've finally lived through 4 long months of no F1 races, the season is starting, we know where to watch on TV, so who do we root for this year? Here at NMS-North we will be rooting for the Ferrari and Haas teams, cheering for Sauber, Toro Rosso, and McLaren a bit, and hope to see our favorite drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen winning. If by some miracle the McLaren car is actually competitive this year, then our other wish would be for Fernando Alonso to win some races, or even a 3rd title, but that seems a bit out of reach. 


-Constructor's Championship: 1-Ferrari, 2-Mercedes, 3-Red Bull

-Driver's Championship: 1-Sebastian Vettel, 2-Lewis Hamilton, 3-Fernando Alonso

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