Tuesday, February 27, 2018

NMS North Update

500 Madness Springs

The team out in the garage at NMS North has been VERY BUSY this week with TWO new arrivals that will bump the mighty FIAT into the Street Touring Hatchback class for SCCA autocross later this year.

First off, nothing beats the smell of fresh tires in the morning, and we're happy to announce that for the third year in a row we'll be riding on the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires. Just in case you forgot, tires are those round black things that connects the car to the road, so they're kind of important! After squeezing two years of autocross out of our rear tires, we're looking forward to having new tires all the way around the car this year. Hopefully that will easily cover an autocross once a month or so, plus a HPDE weekend somewhere in the NASA Northeast Region, like Lime Rock up in Connecticut. Thanks to Discount Tires Direct for the great service on ordering these tires, complete with FREE SHIPPING!  Discount Tire Direct

Smell Like Tires in Here!

Secondly, the garage now has four new springs for the suspension, so we'll be lowering the car an inch or so, which should result in not only a lower center of gravity, but hopefully less frequent going up on two wheels on sharp autocross corners. Thanks to 500 Madness for the quick response to our order on their in-house branded springs at a discount! 500 Madness

Combined with the Koni shocks that we won direct from Koni (Thanks Kyle Ray-Smith), our next order of business will be to get the tires, springs, and shocks all installed. After that, we plan to get some miles on those shiny new tires, see how the new suspension settles in, and try out some of the different settings on the adjustable Konis. Along with driving in a new-to-us region this year, that adds up a LOT of variables before we have any idea on how we'll perform this year. Let's just summarize as saying we're going out in 2018 to drive in some new places, meet some new faces, and just have fun and not worry about where we finish at the end of the year. Sounds like fun!

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