Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 Tune Up

This weekend the weather warmed up and with Presidents Day off of work, it was time to knock out  a bunch more car projects. Up first, the truck had a pretty bad shake from the steering rack as well as some leaks. With just a few bolts and a couple power steering hydraulic lines, the old rack came out and the new one went on.
New steering rack up top, old down below.
Fresh power steering fluid was flushed through and it all bolted together. When installing the new rack I realized the outer tie rod ends had ripped boots and had oozed grease everywhere, so a quick trip to the parts store solved that issue to replace those. 
The O-rings on each power steering line met the end of their life and were spewing gunk all over the old one.
While the truck was in the garage I wrapped up an oil change and replaced what looked like factory original spark plugs and wires. That leaves only the transmission filter and differential fluid flush to complete the 100k mile service. At 114k miles I'm only a little behind. In the mean time the truck is getting new tires and a fresh alignment to keep it towing and hauling racecar parts for a few more years.
7 of 8 spark plug wires came free easily, but one was determined to no go quietly.
With the truck done, the Miata came in to replace the factory cast iron and restrictive exhaust manifold with a new high flowing Racing Beat 4-1 header. In addition to looking cool, it should free up a little more power and shed a few pounds of weight.
New header at the top, all one piece.  Old exhaust below.  The cast iron half that mounts to the motor easily weighs as much as the whole new one.
Next Sunday I'll be wheeling a Corvette with SCR-SCCA in Myrtle Beach. The following week the Miata will be back on track with NASA at Road Atlanta!
New and shiny!

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