Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NMS-North Places 7-11?

Top Two Drivers: Jason Lisner and Stephen Fehr

What's this 7-11 thing all about? Is it 7-11 the convenience store? Are those the operating hours at my favorite BBQ joint? No, 7-11 will be my final place in the standings for autocross in 2017.

In a nutshell, this shows the current standings for the top drivers in the TSCC autocross championship. The monthly events started in March, and there will be one more event on November 19th to wrap it up. The club awards the TOP TEN every year, so there is a chance that I'll make it even though I won't be driving the last event. Here's how:

Tidewater Sports Car Club Current Standings, Top Eleven Places

The GREEN column shows the current top SIX events points standings. Somehow I'm up to 10th so that's very cool! You can see it's very close from 9-11 too!

The BLUE column shows points for ALL events so far, but since only the top SEVEN events will count, these numbers don't mean a lot until you project how everyone will do at the last event coming up on November 19th.

I won't be in Virginia to drive, and apparently my remotely controlled robot Lamborghini would be "illegal" to enter, so I can say my final best SEVEN will be the blue number. From there it's possible to calculate the best and worst that the other drivers will do on the last event, ranging from 0 for not competing to 100 for being the fastest. With the top ten though, they're all averaging in the 90s per event.

Bad news for me, one of those fast drivers that can score 100, (and has done it before), is Tony right behind me, so he will drive fast and pass me up, which will drop me to 11th. That's still really good since I was shooting for top 15, and he's faster than me anyway too!

Other than that, if someone ahead of me has a bad day or doesn't compete, I'll move back up to the top ten (with my blue number score). Yes, this can be kind of confusing, but once you understand it, I think it's a great way to run a club championship, since it allows ALL drivers in all the many classes to compete. The NMS team has driven with several different clubs, and I like how the TSCC does it best.

Those drivers ahead of me that have missed two events are so far ahead that they will easily tack on enough points to beat my "blue" score in November, so it wouldn't be so nice to wish they missed the last event just so I could beat them. Either way, I suppose the big NASCAR and IndyCar teams will want to be calling me up to offer a contract soon, so I better stop right here and let you go!

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