Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ferrari Documentary in Theaters: 312B

Advertisement for the Italian release of the film
If you go to movies you might be a fan of the comic book action films like the current Thor, or Justice League. Without starting a big argument over which comics are better between Marvel and DC, let's talk about a new auto related movie!

For race fans only, this documentary tells the story of the Ferrari 312B that was raced in the 1970 F1 season. While today's F1 cars  use hybrid V6 engines, this film features glorious 12 cylinder power, so I'm thinking a soundtrack of about an hour of V12 Italian power would be a pretty good recording to buy for Christmas!

In addition to telling the story of the development of this car back in the day, the film also gets into a more recent effort to race a 312B in a historic race at Monaco, bringing the car and motor back to life. Something tells me this movie won't be as popular as the new Star Wars movie coming out, so be sure to see it in November or December if you can. Here's a link to find out where it's showing:   Movie Link

List of locations and dates: 312B

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