Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fun Filled Job Applications

An FCA product I drive

While doing some job searching earlier this year, I had applied for some jobs just on the odd chance that they'd hire me to do something I really love doing, such as driving or working for a Formula 1 team. Things went a different way and my real job is not in racing or driving or car related at all, but I just had to share this latest bit of news from one of my applications.

The job was as a temporary endurance test driver at the FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) test track in Michigan. From the job description they needed someone who could drive cars or trucks, on a test track, all day long. I can imagine that before any new vehicle is put into production gets a lot of computer simulation testing, and then a lot of real world testing to make sure it operates as intended. On top of basic functioning, I imagine the auto makers would want to test their vehicles on real roads, in real weather, and find out how they hold up on more than just a lame 2 mile test drive around the factory. 

From what I remember about the job posting, the ideal employee would have to be able to drive standard and automatic transmissions, up to 8 hours a day, as well as perform basic car care such as filling it with gas and checking the tire pressures, oil pressures, and other fluid levels. Hey, that's stuff I do every day anyway, so why not get paid to do it! Just so you know, I applied for this position on June 13th, so if you're applying for a job that you need tomorrow, you might want to plan a bit more in advance for most gigs!

Long story short, this did not turn out to be my dream job. Here's today's rejection letter, many months later. Oh well, maybe next time!

Dear Robert,
Thank you for taking the time to consider opportunities with FCA.  Your interest in FCA as a potential employer is appreciated. The Temporary Endurance Driver in Chelsea, Michigan that you applied for is no longer available. We will, however, maintain your application in our database in the event that a future opening matches your qualifications. Please click here to review any new openings that may be of interest to you as opportunities change frequently.

FCA Talent Acquisition

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