Saturday, September 9, 2017

September Cars and Coffee Virginia Beach Style

Cars and Coffee Virginia Beach
Bottom Line Up Front: The first Saturday of every month is the Virginia Beach Cars and Coffee informal car meet. No judging. No prizes. Just car people hanging out. Drinking Coffee.

SECOND Bottom Line Up Front: When it RAINS during the first Saturday of the month, VA Beach Cars and Coffee gets moved to the second Saturday of the month! Here's some highlights from early this morning:

Tesla Model X: gull wing 2nd doors


Audi wagon

Daytona replica, probably a Factory Five

Always good to see another FIAT

And ANOTHER FIAT, an old Jolly

Dodge Viper in pumpkin spice
Toyota modified with open air 2nd row seats!

Ford Focus RS Cosworth with HUGE spoiler, left hand drive

Classic Mustang in GOLD BABY!

Newer Mustang in, uh, two tone!

Rat Rod truck

Great RAT WHEELS "Hot Wheels" logo

Early 50s Ford with 2 passengers in the back seat

One of the passengers
Peugeot in the US I guess!

Pick your yellow, Pontiac Fiero or Toyota FJ Cruiser

Not a yellow fan, how about this Charger?


Special Saab version of the Ferrari prancing horse

More Saab goodness

Classic Triumph Spitfire

And then the sun came up
Drone coverage


Metropolitan, VERY small rear seat!


You just don't see these every day!

Mustang II

1936 Chevy

Tesla front trunk

Carroll Shelby signed Mustang

New Civic Type R driver's seat

Civic Type R: $34K, plus market adjustment = total $51,000

Civic Type R, just over 300 horsepower

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