Monday, September 25, 2017

NMS Locks Up HS Class Championship!

HS winner, (OK, only car competing all year)

After taking the Tidewater Sports Car Club GS class title for the last two years, this year the FIAT Abarth was moved to HS class by the Sports Car Club of America,  and following September's event, has now wrapped another class title! Sunday's TSCC autocross at PACE (the world famous Pungo Autocross Center of Excellence!) ended with the FIAT taking first in HS against no other competitors, (but that still counts as first as far as my math skills tell me) and finished 15th overall on PAX time vs. all 50 drivers.

The latest points and results are available on the Tidewater Sports Car Club website TSCC

Just ahead of the NMS car in 12th is a big dog pile of very close scores, with each place just one point behind the next, so there is sure to be some changing places over the final two events of the year in October and November.

Place Driver Points
1 Stephen Fehr 498.43
2 Jason Lisner 492.87
3 Jeff Schmidt 483.59
4 Melissa Fehr 478.52
5 Keith Kasmire 477.98
6 William Teller 477.46
7 55 Stillman 476.55
8 Albert Jeff Laferty 475.45
9 Travis Wall 474.25
10 Danny Herrera 473.68
11 Anthony Mester 472.91
12 Robert Nixon 471.45
13 Keith Maples 460.79
14 Ronald Buchsen 458.61
15 Brendan Long 457.71
16 Paul Knowles 455.22
17 Benjamin Moore 448.96
18 David Smallridge 442.49
19 Hailey Schmidt 437.25
20 William Barnes 437.05

As far as the overall club championship goes, now with only two more events to go, the good news is that NMS is on pace to finish in the top 15 and meet our pre-season goal. The bad news is that it is now time to move to New York for a new job, so missing the last event or two will drop our overall placing quite a bit. It's been a blast to compete with the Tidewater folks for these three years, and we've made a lot of friends and had  a great time competing at Pungo, Little Creek, NCCAR, and Academi at various events. Right now it looks like the FIAT will be able to compete in the October event on the 15th, right in between packing, shipping, and moving to New York, so we'll see if life gets in the way of autocross or not!

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