Saturday, November 19, 2016

Last Autocross Sunday Preview

NMS Abarth visits the garages at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Here in Virginia the Tidewater Sports Car Club holds their final autocross event of the year this Sunday. I will not be able to compete, so here's how things look right now for the club championship. Over 200 drivers have competed in at least one event, so you can see where it's to your advantage to compete in as many events as possible so that you score more points.

However, there is a column of PAX points and then the next column of PAX With Drops. The championship is decided by not all 9 events, but only using a driver's best 7 events. The events that don't count are "dropped", so right now even a driver with 7  or 8 events is only getting their PAX with Drops score with two events subtracted. If that sounds a bit confusing, don't worry about it, because it will all be added up for good after November's event.

1Thomas Bleh596.57596.57100.00100.0096.67100.00100.0099.90
2Doug Keiler676.58589.7786.8195.7798.2997.99100.0098.8298.90
3Jeff Schmidt771.45587.9188.2295.3299.1599.5797.4699.2796.3096.16
4Stephen Fehr581.89581.8996.5198.5691.50100.0097.0598.27
5Anthony Mester675.32580.7195.4094.6197.5697.9595.5997.8696.35
6John Anderson580.58580.5894.4397.9394.5998.0498.4697.13
7Keith Kasmire762.17575.6792.7993.7195.8897.2794.1795.9797.1195.27
8Chris Parsons570.07570.0792.8694.4296.3494.8895.1596.42
9Peter Florance651.26566.7984.4794.0488.4194.5198.2995.6595.89
10Neal Davis658.72566.7793.1391.9595.4993.2794.6696.0394.19
11Melissa Fehr746.27566.4694.5294.6387.9493.8491.8793.7993.9395.75
12Logan Stillman647.78564.6883.1084.6099.1596.4493.5797.3393.59
13Jim Ewing564.06564.0681.3893.6194.8899.1096.8498.25
14Brian Wells563.95563.9594.1794.0296.2093.0393.1093.43
15Keith Maples741.52561.3093.8889.2692.2795.6392.0496.5190.9690.97
16Robert Nixon733.02555.7691.3288.3188.9590.3290.5195.8391.6596.13
17Brendan Long640.14555.4486.1094.0593.6698.5688.5594.5284.70
18Mike Thorpe724.39553.8990.4087.0283.4895.2091.0193.3791.7992.12
19Brad Anderson631.97553.2091.9088.4278.7790.2896.6491.5194.45
20Scott Brubaker553.01553.0190.0290.3793.5492.7094.7891.60
21Andrew Carr624.74552.4672.2891.4989.8294.5591.1394.0191.46

Sitting in 16th with one event to go means that some of those drivers right behind me will pass me up, and I'll likely end up in 20th or so. That's a pretty good improvement over last year's 29th place, and hits my target of 20th for this year. After Sunday's event, each driver's top 7 events will count, so even though I'll miss one event, I've already got 8 events completed, so I'll still be competitive in there somewhere. 

Dropping my last two events will mean not counting November (0 points anyway), and dropping my worst event, which will mean the 88.31 points from April's event. I'll end up with 644.71, which is a pretty good improvement of over 12 points better than last year's 632.53. Since those 12 points are over 7 events, to me that means I averaged 1.71 points more per event this year. That's not a huge improvement, but considering it was in the same car, I think it's not bad. Maybe another improvement next year will get me into the top 15!

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