Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Has a New Car For You!

In case you forget what a lot of RAIN looks like!

Yes folks, step right up, Hurricane Matthew has brought us not only a bunch of flooding recently, but now THOUSANDS OF FLOODED CARS FOR SALE!

OK, it's not really a scam, it's a fact that a lot of flooded cars are now coming up for sale and auction in the areas affected by flooding. This week I got an email from my favorite website-for-scanning-for-car-bargains, Copart. Copart is a national chain of auto auction sites, typically they are selling cars damaged and disposed of by insurance companies. Make no mistake, these cars (like the NMS Mustang we bought at an abandoned auto auction) are SOLD AS IS, BUYER BEWARE.

Check out this link for a location near you. Copart-Northeast-Coast-Flood_Inventory

Note that every state has different laws about who can buy and sell these types of vehicles, so in some states anyone can purchase from Copart, but in other states you'd have to get a buyer to make the purchase for you. Even if you never buy one of these cars, it's fun (like in Ebay and Craigslist type of fun) to check out the listings once in while and see what you find.

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