Thursday, May 12, 2016

Traffic Myths: Reality!

This article by Eric Jaffe  has some great insight to traffic myths.  ARTICLE LINK   Their ten myths about traffic are: 

-More roads mean less traffic

-More transit means less traffic

 -Bike lanes make traffic worse

 -A wider road is a safer road

 -The next lane over is moving faster

 -Everyone else’s bad driving is the reason for traffic

 -You need to get lots of cars off the road to reduce traffic

 -Removing an urban highway would be a traffic nightmare

 -There’s no downside to cheap gas

 -Drivers pay the full cost of road maintenance 


You can read the article yourself, so I'll just summarize that most of those ideas for improving traffic flow and maintaining our roads are beyond our control, so it's probably smart to control what you can and drive safely!

For even more reading, and a look at why the US has a different  take on public transportation, I'd suggest this article too.  PT ARTICLE LINK

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