Monday, May 30, 2016

Fun from Honda!

Not a Honda, but an Acura NSX, same thing!
Honda has a good reputation for building reliable cars, but did you know they also sponsor several auto racing events? Just for fun, here's a couple of Honday events you might want to check out.

First off, who wouldn't want to ride in an Indy car with Mario Andretti? You can enter this contest, for FREE, every day, and you might win a ride-along with Mario (or another famous racing driver) on the warm up lap for one of the IndyCar races!) Sorry, it doesn't look like you get to drive, but you will be in a special 2 seater Indy car, on the track, right before the race starts, so that's as close to being a racing driver that you're likely to be!  Enter the "Fastest Seat in Sports" contest at this link: Race With Honda LINK

Oh, and besides the riding in the car part, of course Honda will fly you and a friend to the race, put you up in a hotel, and get you into the race too!

OK, now here's another fun link on the Honda website. They call this the "Indycar Simulator." You enter your address, or any address you want, and then the program creates a lap around the neighborhood, and then simulates what it would look like if you could drive it at about 180mph! I think it's just a sped up version of the street view from say Google Maps but you probably get the idea. The video doesn't seem to scroll as smoothly as  it could, but it's a fun little freebie you might like. Hit this link and hold on to your seat: IndyCar Simulator

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