Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sign up Now: Model T Driving School!

Overly excited author with original Cobra at the Gilmore Car Museum
Last summer I got to spend a day at the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo Michigan, so let me update that report  NMS Gilmore Blog with this little bit of exciting news! You can now sign up for a Model T Driving School at the Gilmore and get to experience some seat time behind the wheel of a real Ford Model T! While I've never driven a model T, the website indicates that it has three foot pedals, and none of those is the gas! That explains why you need to learn how to drive one of these cars!

 Model A Ford in an entire building dedicated to the Model A
Over many years the Ford folks built something like 15 million Model Ts, so our ancestors surely would laugh at anyone today that would pay to just experience driving one of these classics, but as I've read somewhere it's good to spend your money on EXPERIENCES and not just STUFF that will collect dust and soon be forgotten!

Here's the link for more info: 2016 Model T Driving School LINK

Dates and times for the Model T Driving School are below:

If you are near Kalamazoo and can't wait for the driving school to start in May, check out their schedule of auto related lectures, pretty much every Sunday afternoon starting in January at this link:
Gilmore Lecture Series

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