Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tidewater Sports Car Club 2015 Awards Dinner Report

FIAT 500 Abarth posing in front of the Curtiss P-40E

The members of the Tidewater Sports Car Club TSCC LINK held their annual dinner at the Military Aviation Museum LINK on a lovely evening (find your own link for recently, and your NMS-North team was there to capture all the happenings and report on the latest autocross news in Virginia Beach. Or maybe we were there for the delicious dinner! OK, we also were there to stroll around a bit and see some awesome WWII aircraft in the museum. Maybe we were there to win a door prize too! If YOU are near the Virginia Beach area and are looking for an interesting way to spend some time, we can highly recommend this small aviation museum. You'll probably see something you've never seen before!

MIG-3 description

By "see something you've never seen before", how about the ONLY flying MIG-3 in the world! In the first photo above you can also see the only flying Mosquito in the world.

Here's the description (click on the photo for a larger view) and the next photo is the plane in the museum. 


After reading the description above, now I know that "MIG" stands for Mikoyan-Gurevich, the makers of this aircraft!

If you are interested in engines, it has a Mikulin AM35-A that cranks out 1,350 horsepower, and flies up to 39,400 feet.

My math isn't always accurate, but I'm thinking that's about 1,190 more HP than my FIAT.

Back to the dinner! The TSCC put on a great event in a nice location, and threw in the opportunity  to have your picture taken in front of the museum aircraft. There were lots (and I mean LOTS as in "every member won something") of door prizes, a free dinner, and then the awards to the class winners and overall club champion for 2015. Thanks to all the volunteers that make this club the biggest autocross group in the area!

News wise, we are happy to report coming home with the 1st place hardware in the G Street category for the year, and as usual will admit that the NMS FIAT was the only car that ran in enough events to be eligible. Still, as Yogi Berra meant to say, "first place is still first place, especially if you're in it". 

Regardless, we'll note that this is the first class championship for the NMS racing team, and we're looking forward to be driving again in 2016, and promise that we'll be having fun whether it's in first place, last place, or somewhere in between the two at the end of the year.

Overall I stood 29th out of 73 club members in all the classes this year, so in 2016 my goal will be to get into the top 20.

Thanks to the TSCC for providing a great evening and nice prizes. With the GS champ jacket I just need the temperature to cool off so that I can wear it!

Also in the good news department, we walked home with a door prize, a great gift card to OG Racing, so we'll be doing some shopping with them in the near future. You can check them out for all your racing needs at this link: OG RACING LINK

Other door prizes included various gift cards to Tire Rack, tools like some tire pressure gauges, jack stands, wheel guns, and the very popular Go Pro camera. Did I mention the chicken, shrimp, and BBQ were all delicious? Since this is a car blog and not a WWII aircraft blog, here's a few more vehicles you can see in the museum.

1950 JAGUAR XK 120 (because it could go 120mph)
See next photo to see this car in the museum
See previous photo for info on the Hanomag-Kurier Staff Car
British Daimler "Dingo" Scout Car
German BMW R75 motorcycle, sidecar, and trailer

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