Friday, December 4, 2015

Great Gift Ideas for MotorHeads!

   Specifically, if you are interested in auto-crossing (like we are) and are looking for ways to get started or improve in 2016 (like we are), then this blog is for YOU! We all have different interests in cars and different abilities in driving, so hopefully this short list will have something that might interest you or the driver in your life for gift giving. In addition to the items below, you can always give the car enthusiasts in your life something really cool like tires, new brake pads, money for tools, a shirt from their favorite racing team, etc.


   Car drivers only talk about two things. First, what modification to do with their cars to make them faster, and secondly, when they aren't talking about modding their current ride, then they're talking about what OTHER car they should buy to get faster! What those two wonderful topics are MISSING is the #1 way to improve your car and make it faster: Learn To Drive Faster With a Pro Instructor!
   The best instructors we know (and this is from experience since we've both taken a day or two of driving school with the EVO folks) are the Evolution Performance Driving School instructors, many of them national champions in autocross, and getting in YOUR car with them to show you how to get faster is well worth it.
   For 2016, NMS-South and the South Carolina Region of the Sports Car Club of America have already scheduled the EVO team to be at Darlington SC on April 30th (Phase One) and May 1st (Phase Two). You can find out more and sign up now at this link: EVO SCHOOL LINK

   Cars and tools for working on the car go together like ham and eggs, milk and cookies, or, well, wrenches and sockets! You may not have any top shelf (read that as "not cheap") Snap-on tools in your collection, so that's why getting their catalog for FREE is a great present for any car fanatic.      
  You can even be funny and tell them "I got you one of EVERY tool that Snap-on makes as a gift"! They will think they've won the lottery, until they realize it's a catalog and not a bazillion dollars worth of great tools! Regardless, they'll love the catalog, and did I mention it's FREE? Free is still my favorite flavor! Check out this link and order one today: Snap-on Catalog LINK

   Odds are that if you like cars, driving cars, and driving cars fast, you might also enjoy beverages that frequently come in bottles that need a real old fashioned bottle opener. Sure, you might even know how to open a bottle with just your belt, on the edge of the counter with just your hands, or even with a potato, but nothing says "AWESOME" like what I call the world's-greatest-bottle-opener. This one comes from Craftsman tools, and you can find it at any Sears store, maybe even Kmart since they're the same company.
   These normally go for about 14.99 bucks, but recently I saw some on sale locally at Sears for $4.99. Even if you pay the regular price, it's worth it, will last forever, and is just too darn cool to leave hidden in a drawer. Please don't ever drink and drive, but please make sure you have a bottle opener that looks and feels like a  heavy duty wrench in your hands! Craftsman Wrench Bottle Opener LINK

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