Saturday, November 14, 2015

Unveiled: FIAT 124 Spider on November 18!

The friendly, fantastico, FIAT family has finally announced that the all new FIAT 124 Spider two seater convertible will be revealed at the LA auto show on Wednesday November 18th!

You can check out the COUNT DOWN CLOCK (cue music for "THE FINAL COUNTDOWN" like the Geico commercial) at this link:   124 SPIDER COUNTDOWN   and it will look something like the photo above.

Just as a review, the ALL NEW FIAT Spider will use the same name as a previous FIAT car (124), and it was developed along with the Mazda folks that have been making the Miata for over 25 years. In other words, the ALL NEW FIAT will be similar to one of the greatest roadsters ever, but with the addition of an Italian motor and Italian styling.

What we don't know yet is what the price range for the 124 Spider will be, so those of us here at NMS are anxious to see how it will stack up against the popular Miata here in the US. We've slowly gotten used to FIAT being back in the US since they returned in 2011 with the (J Lo commercial) 500, then the (Charlie Sheen commercial) Abarth, then the (can't remember the commercials) 500L and now the (hilarious blue pill commercial) 500X, but this 124 Spider will give them a totally new type of car to sell!

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