Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chrysler 300 Test Drive!

The other day I had the opportunity to drive a new Chrysler 300, and not just any 300, but the 300 with All Wheel Drive. Unfortunately, this was not driving on the side of the Matterhorn or Mt. Everest, or even in a hurricane, so my testing of the AWD capability was limited to some slightly damp roads around sea level. 

Regardless, I'd rate the big Chrysler as worthy of your consideration if you need a big car that rides adult sized people comfortably. This particular land yacht came with a huge double sun roof and I'm sure plenty of other features that some people enjoy, although for me a sun roof makes no sense. Your mileage may vary, and certainly there's nothing wrong with having a sun roof, but I just will summarize my opinion as "convertibles and hard tops were invented for a reason, and anything else that tries to do both is just living in a fantasy world right along with unicorns and healthy fried food".

With the 300, Chrysler seems to be missing a great marketing opportunity to have some slick TV ads with Spartan warriors like in the movie also titled "300". Yeah, I can see it now, the guys with their six-pack abs, climbing out of a shiny new Chrysler 300, wearing their big flowing robes and cool Spartan helmets, brandishing their spears, and then they all shout in unison: "THIS, IS, SPARTA!"

I don't know why people with spears always seem to "brandish" them, but it must be the proper weaponry etiquette handed down by the Greeks. For all I know the ancient Romans also did their fair share of "brandishing".

Bottom line: A nice driving car, comfy, feels very solid, so give it a look if you're in the market for a larger car.

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