Monday, December 29, 2014

New Belts for a New Year

The 99 was starting to squeal when the A/C was turned on, so it was one of those signs it might be time for some new engine belts.  The Miata gets two new belts today.  One to drive the power steering and the other to drive the A/C and alternator.
Old belts removed from the pulleys and waiting for the new ones.
A few turns of a 12mm and 14mm wrench on a few bolts loosens the tension on the two belts to remove the old ones, swap in the new ones and then tighten it all back up.  Pretty straight-forward.  Everything is running good as new and the A/C doesn't complain at all when switched on.  About $35 and 30 minutes of time.  One step closer to the 2015 season!
The belt on the left side is new, smooth, no cracks on the ridges that keep it lined up on the engine.  To the right, the old belt is getting pretty rough.
On the test drive, the stereo switched on and off a few times and then finally blinked off for good.  Fuses seem good and I can't track down anything out of place for now.  Time to dig the new head unit out of the dashboard again and see what we can find!  

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