Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It All Starts at Turn One

While I'm still considering all of my goals for 2015 as we approach the new year, one is for certain; learn how to drive on a race track.
My view of Corner 1 at Road Atlanta between sessions. Pit exit on the right.  Lots of great elevation changes.
This weekend was the first major step toward that goal.  I volunteered with NASA (National Auto Sport Association, not the space guys) and worked the flagging station at corner 1 at Road Atlanta this weekend.  NASA has a pretty cool program where you can volunteer to work for them in exchange for credits.  One credit per day worked, and you can trade in two credits for a free day of driving.  The general formula here is to work two weekends to earn one free weekend of driving, so I'm half-way to earning free track time!
From paddock, you can see the bridge and control tower at the Start/Finish line and turn 12.
NASA runs lots of different sessions on track, starting with the High Performance Driver's Education (HPDE) sessions for those of us who want to learn how to drive on a track with with instructors provided at the lower levels.  There is also a Time Trial program, where drivers compete to bank the fastest lap as well as a few different wheel to wheel race series they run with tons of classes. Check out their national site and if you're in our area there's the South East region's website.
Even the crazy-cool Mosler super car has to start somewhere.  This driver was in HPDE 1.
So it all started this weekend working at turn one.  Over the next few months the 99 Miata will get a rollbar, suspension upgrades, and a set of performance brake pads for the track so stay tuned as that car progresses.
Friday night track walk in the light rain.  Looking down into turn 6. 

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