Friday, December 12, 2014

Car Show = Motor Trend Magazine!

Greenville Show 2012
One of my favorite things to do, right up there with eating, drinking, and breathing, is attending new car shows with an emphasis on the word NEW.  New car shows are typically sponsored by manufacturers or your local dealers in an attempt to sell new cars by displaying all the latest and greatest vehicles and getting us to drool all over ourselves while dreaming of more horsepower. Most of us don't get too excited about car payments, but when that new car fever hits, our brain power tends to diminish to the point of forgetting about what a shiny new car will cost in the long run.

Shelby Mustang

My favorite new car show is sponsored by Motor Trend Magazine, here's why: With every paid admission to the show, you get a year's subscription to Motor Trend magazine FREE! As I always say, "free is my favorite flavor", especially if it's car related.

FIAT 500

Plus, you will get a chance to test drive some of the new cars, so just make sure you don't have a beer before the auto show, because you will be taking a breathalyzer test before anyone lets you get behind the wheel of a brand new car. The first time I drove the new FIAT 500 was the red one pictured below at one of these Motor Trend car shows, so it's well worth a few bucks to visit and see what is new.

Here's the link to their shows across the USA:     
Motor Trend Auto Shows 


Corvette Stingray

If you are in the NMS-North or NMS-South parts of the country, you can mark your calendar NOW for these two shows in 2015:
     Greenville, SC  16-18 January
     Richmond, VA  20-22 March

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