Monday, December 8, 2014

Here's My Christmas Wish List!

 First off I'd like to wish everyone a happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year coming up in 2015! Just for fun I thought you'd like to know what's on my wish list, since you only have 17 shopping days left. Remember, nothing says you care like a Ferrari 308 or 328! (photos in this post are from the Euro Fest car show in 2013, see if you can spot the one Ferrari that isn't black in the lineup!)

Travel wise, I could use a year long set of tickets to all the Formula 1 races, and enough airfare and hotel money to make sure all race weekends are spectacular! With races everywhere from Brazil to Austria to Abu Dhabi and Japan, I could even let you keep the frequent flyer miles and hotel points! Quite a generous offer on my side don't you think?

(If you have a bit more than Ferrari 308 money in your budget, an F40 is another great stocking stuffer. Just get a BIG stocking!)
To attend all those races I'll probably need some new clothes, nothing too fancy, maybe a team shirt and hat from each of the F1 teams. The only problem in this area is not knowing what teams will be racing next year. We can assume Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams, and McLaren will still be around, but the Caterham and Marussia teams likely won't be back. In fact, next week the Marussia team equipment will be up for auction, so maybe instead of new clothes you could just outfit NMS with whatever you can pick up at the Marussia auction! Thanks! Here's the link to the auction, good luck! Marussia Auction

Let's see, if you read the small print on that auction, you noticed that they are NOT selling any used F1 motors, so we're going to need something to put in those used carbon fiber car bodies. Since they used 1.6liter turbos this year, probably anything like a FIAT Abarth or the new Miata engine will fit, that should be fun to figure out!

 (No you don't have to buy that special someone a new car! Heck, just get them some stickers for their favorite car! Remember that every sticker is worth 5 additional horsepower!)

So far we have some great trips to see races, new car parts to mess with, so what else would be nice? Oh yeah, throw in some world peace with another year of safe driving in 2015 and we'll call it good!

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