Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday in America

Apparently something called "football" has started again, so I imagine that's what most folks are doing in the US today. My college team got beat yesterday, so that's just about all I want to say about that!

Here at NMS in South Carolina, we got the day off to an early start because it was Formula 1 race day, live from Monza Italy on the NBC Sports Channel. They've been doing a good job of bringing us coverage of all the F1 races this year, and with the time difference, the TV coverage came on live at 7:30am, with the race at 8am. That is way better than some of the other races from around the globe that get carried live here at 2am!  For more info, click on the Official Formula 1 Link.  If you don't know what team to root for, why not pick my favorite team Ferrari!

Not a great day for the Ferrari team, with Fernando Alonso retiring with mechanical issues with his car, and Kimi Raikkonen finishing in 9th place on the day. Hope they do better in two weeks in Singapore.

This afternoon, it was on to oil changing time on the Toyota Camry!
OK, back from the store with a new oil filter and a couple extra bottle of 0W-20!

Just get the car up a bit so I can crawl underneath...

Drain out the old oil... 
Take out the old filter, and...
Well crap! Turns out I bought the right oil filter for a 2011 Camry HYBRID, but I don't have a hybrid and now have to go back to the store and exchange the filter! Several minutes later...
After draining the oil, this silver plug (round part with square slot for 3/8th wrench) comes out to get at the filter
NOW we have the right filter. 
The black filter holder still has the old filter in it, the silver part on the right is the special tool to take this thing off. 
This car takes an internal cartridge like this, not a normal good old easy to use kind!

Other than my mistake of buying the wrong filter, it's not a complicated process, as long as you have a 15mm socket for the oil drain plug. 

Do real mechanics do stuff like buy the wrong parts?

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