Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dead Man's Curve Volume 3: Pavement!

While we're signed up and ready for the next South Carolina Region SCCA autocross on September 27th, and waiting for this coming Sunday's Formula 1 race from Singapore, let's take another look at the road work closer to home.
On a cool misty morning I managed to go down the still closed section of Rimer Pond Road and see how the road improvements are coming along. Big news this time, we now have pavement all the way through the construction zone! The road is still closed, and will likely get some more grading, another layer of pavement, and just maybe some stripes, but this is a big step forward! You can click on the photos to get a better view!
Starting on the east end, there you have it, nice new dark smooth pavement!

Straight section, a gradual cure downhill, nice view with the trees and no lines on the road. This will be a great improvement in safety with better visibility than the old road! 

Here's my favorite part, soon to be a gradual curve to the right that goes down,  then up, then down again up around the bend! 

Even the small and wicked FIAT Abarth couldn't fit through this gap, so the road is definitely closed!

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