Thursday, February 8, 2024

Track Night in America 2024 Schedule Released

NMS in 2023 at Track Night in America, photo by Tradd's Photos. 

One cool event that the Sports Car Club of America sponsors is called Track Night in America. What is TNIA? Is it a girl named Tina for people that can't spell? How about Truly Nifty Ionized Atoms? Nah, it's a fun way to drive your car on a real track. 

These events are held across the country throughout the year, and this marks the 10th year for this very successful program. It was started to make getting on track easier, cheaper, and maintain safety and help grow the sport. It's not a race, there are not times or trophies, so if you are hyper-competitive and already drive in real races, maybe it's not for you. So, if you have NOT been on a track, and want to find out if you'd like it, NMS recommends that you try starting with a TNIA event. 

One way that his is an easier way than normal to get on track, is that you don't need a racing license, you just need a safe car and a helmet. You don't have to spend a full weekend like some track days, you can just head out to a nearby track about noon on a weekday and get 4 sessions driving on track. 

For all the info, check out the Internet! SCCA Track Night in America

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