Monday, February 26, 2024

February Autocross Report

One Internet saying is "pictures or it didn't happen" so here's a picture at ZMAX.

After a few months off in the cold winter of the Carolinas (How cold was it? Glad you asked! There wasn't any snow, but I still had to scrape frost off my truck a couple of times! Talk about ROUGH!) we finally got back to autocross. Kicking it off with the Central Carolina Region of the Sports Car Club of America, the #77 NMS Cayman took on over 150 competitors up at Zmax Dragway. There were four other drivers in my class (B Street), so let's see how the Cayman did against a Supra GR, a BMW M2, and two drivers with an Aston Martin! Here's my only clean lap, just a hair under 55 seconds:

                                      My best lap on YouTube

Want to autocross a 50's Triumph? BRING IT!

Basically, I didn't drive great, and took 4th out of the 5 drivers. I could complain that they all had more horsepower in their newer cars than my 2009 with 265 horsepower, but it's mostly all about the driver. On two runs I hit cones, and another run I missed a gate, so there was no way to be competitive making mistakes like that. Only my final run was clean, and it was my best time of the day. Better luck next time. 
Want to autocross an Aston Martin? BRING IT!

Out of 203, yes, TWO HUNDRED AND THREE drivers on the day, I was well down in the pack, with my best in the PAX modified time that takes into account what class you are in. There I was 108th, so close to midway. On the positive note, that put me ahead of 95 competitors. Negative wise, 107 people did better than me. That's life in a nutshell, you can look at it either way, so I'll throw in that another 320,000,000 or so Americans did NOT show up and drive, so I was faster than all of them too! Hey, sometimes you have to really look hard for that silver lining or pony!

There were lots of little Miatas, and one with a BIG WING...SPOILER ALERT!

Want to autocross some Classic American Muscle (CAM class)? BRING IT!

One of two VW Scirocco's! 

Want to autocross a truck? As long as it meets the rules and won't roll-over, BRING IT!

This kart was the Fastest Time of the DAY (FTD) by over 2 seconds over the next car...

2nd fastest on the day, Porsche GT3. 

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