Friday, February 2, 2024

NTD: New Tool Day!

One of my tools came to my house on this truck. 
OK, it was a toolbox, not just one tool. 

As a student enrolled in an Automotive Technology program, my school has a list of tools that we need, so, well, I ordered most of them! One good thing about being a student in a program like this is that a lot of the tool companies give you a discount! So, thank you to Matco and Snap-On that supports students at my school. Oh, make no mistake, they aren’t free, but it's always fun to get new tools. 

A recent Snap-On delivery at NMS-North. 
I just bought some screwdrivers about 30 years ago, so I splurged and bought some new ones. 

If you think about your local mechanic working in a shop, it is amazing to think that almost all of them have to have their own tools. At least in the Army I didn't have to buy my own weapon when I was in Bosnia or Iraq! Heck, the Army even has rules that say you can't take your own personally owned weapon! Maybe the Air Force lets you fly around your own personal F-22, but I certainly wouldn't know about that. 

Not sure where the FedEx truck was going. 

As a home-garage type of mechanic, I usually just buy any tools when I need them. Most of what I have used at home have been Craftsman tools, from the old Sears days. One 3/8 socket set I have was a wedding present from my dad, so thanks for that dad, it still works!

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