Thursday, February 22, 2024

F1 and Autocross Kickoff, Plus Drive to Survive Returns!

Brian at Daytona

We just got NASCAR up and running at Daytona on Monday thanks to a Sunday rain-out, and the racing continues this week with F1 pre-season practice Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then on Saturday I'll be in my first autocross of 2024. That's all the good news, but unfortunately with the time zone differences, the F1 practices run from about 2AM to 11AM, and if you want to watch live, you still need the F1 TV app. Oh well, the main thing is that racing season is back!

Julie and Robert at the 2019 US Grand Prix in Austin

Another highlight at NMS, is the new season 6 of Drive to Survive starts streaming on Netflix this Friday! This show will relive the 2023 F1 season, and it manages to take a look behind the scenes with each episode focusing on one team, one driver, or one aspect of F1. This series has been credited with growing the fan base around the world and bringing lots of new fans to the sport. While some older F1 fans think they invent controversy just to make more drama, I think they keep things pretty much focused on so many topics that it's OK and lots of fun to watch and learn more about the sport. Here's the TRAILER for Drive to Survive Season 6: NETFLIX TRAILER

Our view at the start of the F1 race in Miami, 2023.

Also, we've got a short time to the first F1 weekend, with the first real race on March 2nd. Drivers, start your engines!

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