Friday, April 7, 2023

Simeone Foundation Auto Museum Highlights

Recently I was very happy that my wife went to a baby shower in Philadelphia, because it allowed me to drive south and visit the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum. Wow! You need to visit if you have any interest in historical vehicles, racing, and seeing cars that raced from Indy to LeMans in person. The collection was brought together by Dr. Simeone over many years, and I was also lucky enough to be at an event there in 2019 when Dr. Simeone was still living. Here's just the highlights!

Yep, 1 of only 6 Shelby Cobra Daytonas. Unbelievable to see one in person!

Cobra Daytona

What's it worth?
In 2009 one sold for $7,500,000

Famous flat "Kamm" tail for aerodynamics 
        Ferrari Testa Rossa weighs less than a Miata

This car is the same age as me!

Testa Rossa, with red seats too

Be careful of the hot exhaust pipes when you get out

This must have looked like it was from outer space in 1958

Back to more Ford vs. Ferrari, the 1966 GT

This specific car started but didn't finish at LeMans 66, but Ford had others that swept 1-2-3. 

How do you like them bumpers!

The rear of the car with so many air intakes really stands out. The 1967 version coming up looks really different than what you see here. 

One year later, the Ford GT was re-worked for more aerodynamic efficiency, 300 less pounds, the engine power was increased, and again, Ford finished top of the heap at LeMans. This car tied the lap record while another Ford won the race. 

Lots of differences with the previous year's yellow car

I noticed the intake built into the NACA duct on top of the door

   1967 Ford

Even rarer than the 1 of 6 Daytona above, this is 1 of only 5 Corvette Grand Sports!

I'm just going to say "here's something you don't see every day!"

As I said, those are just the highlights! More from the Simeone coming up in the future. 

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