Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Automobile Capital of the World?

Scout Motors South Carolina factory rendering
    Scout Motors future factory, Blythewood SC Image couresy of SCOUT motors


Let's play a little game! WHERE do YOU think is the automobile capital of the world? 

What's fun about this game is that EVERYONE IS A WINNER, there is no specific definition of "auto capital of the world", so any answer is OK. Let's go. 

How about Germany, the home of the first automobile by Mercedes? They've got Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Porsche also. Maybe they're not all made in the same city, but hey, they've got lots of beer and schnitzel too!

One answer most of us in the USA might say is Detroit Michigan, long time home of our Big Three of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. But, Chrysler was bought out by FIAT, which was then merged with some French makers, and now falls under the Stellantis brand. I'm still waiting to see some Stellantis company Lancias, Vauxhalls, and Citroens here in the US, but I guess I'll have to wait. 

OK, how about another answer: China! Number of automobiles sold by country is lead by China, so pick a factory or two and narrow it down to a specific city, or just stick with China. In 2022, there were 10 MILLION MORE cars sold in China than the US. They have a lot more people too, so I think China is the winner in this race!

Also, India has a huge population, and their auto sales continue to grow, now the 4th biggest auto market in the world, following China, USA, and Japan. Tata Motors sold over 10 Million vehicles last year, not bad!

Looking to the future of electric cars, maybe Tesla is the big dog in the room, so let's name their home factory in Fremont California as the world's capital, out there by San Jose and San Francisco. 

I have a new entry for you, and to be honest this is what inspired this post, and that's the center of the automotive world is now...



The big news is that the VW funded brand Scout (like the old US brand International Scout pickups) will be built in a brand new gigantic factory in the original home of NMS-North,  Blythewood SC. Combine this with the enormous BMW factory in Greer SC (the largest BMW producer in the world), a Mercedes Sprinter Van factory near Charleston, PLUS the only Volvo factory in the USA (also in Charleston), then throw in the associated suppliers like parts/tires/robots industry, and you have a LOT of autos getting built in the Palmetto State. An electric line of SUVs and pickups with the SCOUT name could be a big seller, judging by the return of other names from the past, like the Chevy Blazer, Ford Bronco, and heck even the new Ford Maverick pickup! Here's one article on the Scout facility: 


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