Wednesday, April 26, 2023


MoneyGram Haas F1 drivers Nico and Kevin: RAWE CEEK

Formula 1 race fans are very happy, because it's RAWE CEEK! What is RAWE CEEK? Can I be a RAWE CEEKER too? How much does RAWE CEEK cost? Where do I get RAWE CEEK? And mostly, what IS RAWE CEEK? Today we'll find out!

RAWE CEEK means that it is RACE WEEK! It just so happens that somewhere out there in social media fantasy-Matrix world, several promotions or photos trying to hype up the latest Race Week have gotten the message a bit jumbled if you read it a certain way, and now all the cool kids are doing RAWE CEEK on purpose.

Probably the best RAWE CEEK post I've seen is the photo above. It started with the MoneygGram Haas F1 Team announcing Chipotle as a sponsor, so of course their drivers Nico and Kevin are holding bags of Chipotle's delicious Mexican food. At first glance you might just read the letters on the bags as RACE WEEK, but of course reading it differently gives us RAWE CEEK! Mystery solved!

This week's F1 race is extra exciting because it's been weeks since the last F1 race, due to the Chinese Grand Prix having been cancelled, and giving us the past three weekends with NO racing!

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