Sunday, April 23, 2023

April Autocross Report


Sunday April 23 was the latest autocross for NMS-North, and while the day started out on the wet side, a good time was had by all regardless. We waited for the rain to stop, and then got cars rolling on course right about noon, and even with the delay (usually start driving at 10AM) every driver still had a shot at the course eight times. By the time we were driving, the pavement was just about 100% dry, so it was a fun day!

At the end of the day I managed to take 1st in my class of 4 drivers by just under 0.1 of a second, so that was close! On the overall PAX, I took 4th out of all 35 drivers, so that was pretty good for me. On my final drive of the day I lowered my time by another 0.3 seconds, BUT hit a cone (which is a 2 second penalty for that time) so that run didn't count. Oh well, if you don't hit a cone once in a while, maybe you need to go faster. Here's my final run of the day. Without hitting a cone it might have moved me up to 3rd on the day. 


We split the drivers into 2 groups, and I was driving in the 1st group. Apparently all the really fast drivers were in the later group, because at the end of our 1st group first time to drive, I was leading the PAX standings! That felt pretty good, even though I was sure the fast folks would beat my time. Here's how it looked there just for a short time while I was leading:

In first place at least temporarily!

Here's the secret to how I had such a good day:

50% savings in license plate weight!
With the car now registered in SC, I put the new plate on the rear, and removed the two NY plates! All that weight savings must have made the car faster!

The course was a good mix of high speed (my top speed was 55mph) and a few very slow tricky corners. Out of 8 runs I hit two cones on the day, so mostly kept it clean and was improving all day. 

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