Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Here's $100M, Join Our NMS Formula 1 Fantasy League

The 2023 Formula 1 season kicks off March 5th in Bahrain, and you can join the action by playing the FREE F1 Fantasy game on the official F1 website. Like other fantasy league sports, you get a couple million pretend dollars to buy the teams and drivers based on the game's pricing of how valuable the teams and drivers are, and then you earn points from each race based on their performance. Every race during the season lets you tweak your team, so right up until qualifying starts on race weekend Saturdays you can make changes based on previous races or on the first couple of practice sessions for that week. 

The online game lets you have up to 3 teams at a time, so that makes it fun to try various strategies. For instance, if you're a Ferrari fan, go ahead and pick Ferrari as your team, and then pick both Ferrari drivers to be on your team of 5 drivers. Oh, you're a Lewis Hamilton Mercedes fan? Then feel free to go with them, Lewis, and Mercedes driver George Russell for starters. If you just want to pick some USA power, go with the Haas F1 team, their Danish and German drivers, and then throw in US driver Logan Sargeant on the Williams team!

So, check out the F1 Fantasy game at this link: 

             F1 FANTASY LEAGUE 

to spend your $100,000,000 on your team. Then, once you have a team, (or two, or even better three,) go to THIS LINK: 


to enter your teams in our NMS-Racing.Net League! You can also use our DOUBLE PROBATION SECRET CODE to join the NMS League: P1LHYO87H01   and feel free to share that code with everyone you know!

Oh, and you don't even have to declare the 100M we gave you on your income taxes. Good luck!

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