Monday, March 6, 2023

March 2023 Autocross Report

2023 Autocross!


NMS-North got things rolling in 2023 for Autocross down at Tobay Beach, once again with the Porsche Club of America. On a chilly spring-ish day, there were 50 some car and drivers competing at the first event of the season, and as always it was a blast! Out of XX Porsche cars, I managed to finish in XX place on PAX time, and in my clas of 3 drivers I finished 2nd, so definitely middle-of-the-pack! I've noticed they only write songs about the "Leader" of the pack, and I've never heard a tune about the "Middle" of the pack, so what can you do? Guess I should write a song about the middle-of-the-pack driver!

Overall, I did not have a fast day, and I'll say my decision to stick with the winter tires on my car was a bad choice! I was thinking the colder weather might work better on those tires than the summer high performance tires, and what do you know, I was wrong. On a positive note, regarding consistency, 4 of my 8 runs were the same down to the tenth of a second. That just means I was consistently SLOW!

RUN 1: 47.533

RUN 2: 45.771

RUN 3: 46.075

RUN 4: 45.746

RUN 5: 47.202+1 CONE

RUN 6: 46.386

RUN 7: 45.784

RUN 8: 45.748

Here's some more cool cars that competed!

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