Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Launching the 350Z on Track!

350Z at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

NMS-South is proud to announce that the Nissan 350Z car has completed it's initial two day weekend on track at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. In multiple sessions over the weekend with NASA-Southeast, Brian reports that the Z car is running strong. Despite a bit of rain on Saturday, and some fog on Sunday, he was able to complete the sessions in the High Performance Driver Education group 4, along with fellow new-Z-Car driver Kyle Ray-Smith. 

With a solid car to start this project, NMS plans on entering Spec Z Car racing with NASA in 2024. The next steps in this build will be what Colin Chapman of Lotus called "adding lightness," as in removing weight from the car and stripping out non-racing parts like carpet, interior, AC, radio, etc. After that we'll have some roll cage installation, as well as safety gear (race seat, harness, fire system, electrical cut-off, etc) to look forward to also. 

350Z cars last weekend:  #67, #89, and #86

NMS and other friends plan to have enough Z cars rolling to be a regular part of the NASA weekends in 2024, so you will definitely be seeing more of this and other cars in the future here on the blog. Unconfirmed rumors are that NMS-North will also be getting in on this Z car craze that is sweeping the nation. OK, maybe not "sweeping," but getting more Nissans on track is the goal!


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