Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Take A Breath of Fresh Air!

Left side old, right side new air filters!

Here's a little tip: Check your car's air filter. Then, while you're at it, check the cabin air filter if you have one. I was reminded of this because it was time to change filters on the old Toyota Camry. Since it's still going strong at 160,000 miles, we're just trying to keep it that way. Judging by the amount of dirt and leaves these things collected, it looks like I was a little overdue for checking them. In the picture above are the old and new filters. The only real issue I had was these ridiculous bolts that thread into ridiculously odd nuts to hold the air filter box closed. Even though I ordered a new set, it was just too difficult for my weak skills to get this thing to fasten. For now it's held firmly in place with a couple of zip ties!

On to the cabin air filter for job #2!

This would be the "old" cabin air filter

1: Glovebox is lowered out of the way
2: The two attachment spots that the glovebox just slides into
3: Where the air filter lives, behind the covered opening
4: Extra fun, the glovebox damper came loose, so I had to figure out how to reattach it

New air filter, new gas cap, and hardware for those two items.

Job #3, not really a big deal, but the old gas cap tether was worn and wouldn't stay attached. 

The little tether piece just pops into that opening above it, but it's worn out. 

The new gas cap had this variety pack of fasteners, just figure out which works best. 

New gas cap. Things are exciting around NMS!

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