Tuesday, November 29, 2022

NMS Moves to Ferrari in 23?

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NMS-South with Ferrari F40

According to anonymous sources, who were speaking off the record, on condition of anonymity, or maybe I dreamed this, the Ferrari F1 team will soon announce a new team principle, allegedly from the USA for 2023. Our sources say that NMS-South chief engineer Brian Nixon will be moving to Italy and taking on this new job in the near future. While this report is not confirmed yet, possibly not true, maybe not even CLOSE to reality, and quite possibly 100% total fabrication, we do know that after four years, Mattia Binotto today announced he was leaving Ferrari at the end of this year. 

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When asked for comment, the newly wed Nixon replied that "I love Italian food" and, that we could "...quote me on that." It is further speculation that his preference for red automobiles (Miata, BMW, whatever) played a key role in being offered this new position.

Well, that seems very conclusive to me, and once again we have a really good shot of more Americans moving into the highest level of motorsport. The Williams F1 team have already announced that American driver Logan Sargeant will be driving for them in 2023, so why not have someone from the USA as the head of the famous Scuderia Ferrari? With one team (Haas F1 Team) based in the US already, and American ownership of F1, it only makes sense for the Ferrari team to jump on the US bandwagon. 

No photo description available.
NMS-South #86 on track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Headed to Italy?

Some other sources have reported that Ferrari will name an in-house replacement, like maybe even someone with actual F1 experience, or who speaks Italian, and maybe even someone that already lives there, but our money is on NMS-South packing up the Miata and heading to Europe next year. 

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