Friday, September 23, 2022



Left to right, Brian, Kyle, Luke. 
AKA: A Bunch of Idiots Race Team

This weekend the Bunch of Idiots team will be going for the podium at the final Lucky Dog Racing League Southern Endurance Cup event of the year. So far, they've wheeled the mighty Miata to an overall 3rd place after the first two weekends, so a good showing this Saturday and Sunday should see them bringing home some hardware for 2022. The current standings are at this link:

 The Lucky Dog Trophy Hardware so far:

Lucky Dog 2nd Place trophy in B Class!  

In an exclusive interview with, the team all agreed that it takes teamwork and dedication to hit the podium. During the pit stops, the three drivers have to work together to get the drivers in and out, as well as refuel the car on their own,  much less perform all the maintenance before, during, and after the race.

Teamwork: Luke O'Hara mans the extinguisher while Kyle Ray-Smith refuels the #287 in the rain at CMP earlier in 2022. 

 If you want to get in the mood for what it's like to drive at CMP in the Miata, here's a practice session video from earlier this year: APRIL 22 AT CMP


Here's a quick look at the top 4 teams: 


193HONDA CHALLENGED 85002525252525251010
2117BUZZED VIKING 56292925251515151511
3287Bunch Of Idiots 523341212181812121010
4230Momo Champ 50352xxxx25252525   

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