Monday, March 7, 2022

NMS Kicks Off 2022 Autocross

It was a dark and stormy night, wait, I mean, 

On a bright and shiny day, near the shore...

That's not quite it either. Once upon a time...

OK, here's the deal: After NOT autocrossing, and NOT driving on a track since a certain medical issue back in October, I was happy to get out there and drive with the Metro NY Porsche Club in the first autocross event of 2022. 


The drivers signed in, which sounds simple, but since I helped run the computer for timing/scoring, it's very important to get the paperwork correct. Each run is timed to the thousandth of a second, so making sure the right driver gets the right time is kind of a big deal!

The cars got inspected to make sure everything would be safe. Even at low speed parking lot events like autocross, safety requirements include all drivers wearing a helmet and wearing seat belts. I'm all for safety!

BRZ, Shelby GT500, Porsche 911

Tobay Beach was chock full of Porsches and other cars...

and yours truly too...

I finished 6th among the Porsche cars on PAX time, and 1st in S02 class. 

OK, a few more details. I felt like my driving left a lot to be desired, so my real goal was to have fun and finish the event without a medical emergency. Having accomplished those goals, next time out I'll hope to drive faster, not hit any cones, and more importantly, keep having fun!

It was wet for all the runs, and since I'd just swapped onto my summer tires, I think that slowed me down and had me sliding all over the place. In my 6 runs, I started slowly, and then my last 4 runs were all pretty much the same, stuck on seconds. Maybe that's consistency, but in this case it was pretty consistently SLOW! 

Oh well, like I said, it's all about having fun, talking with the other drivers, and having fun. The next event is in two weeks, so we'll see how the weather goes that time. 

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