Sunday, March 27, 2022

El Gato Engineering Cars and Coffee

Blue sky plus YELLOW Integra R with a cool license plate!

Since Spring is here, the local Cars and Coffee scene is waking up, and earlier today we headed over to Oyster Bay to visit former President Teddy Roosevelt. Oops, I mean, we visited Oyster Bay, former home of Teddy Roosevelt, and the first El Gato Engineering Cars and Coffee of 2022.  We learned about El Gato a few years ago when they installed shocks and lowering coils on the old 2013 FIAT 500 Abarth, and can guarantee you that they do great work on any performance vehicle.  Check them out on line or in Port Washington NY: EL GATO ENGINEERING

IT Bagel & Pizza, Oyster Bay, NY

The friendly folks at IT BAGEL & PIZZA also help sponsor this event, and we can guarantee you that their coffee and food items always hit the spot!  IT BAGEL & PIZZA

I spotted TR out for a 1 horsepower ride, but he didn't have much to say. 

This Cars and Coffee is  held once a month, and doesn't feature just one make of car, so it's a great way to spot a variety of cool cars! Let's start looking at some wings, or as I like to say, SPOILER ALERT!

Porsche GT3RS, you can spot the cage inside. 

Wondering about the engine size? Read the wing and let's say it's a 3.8 liter!

Another day, another Porsche GT3RS

Nice little touch of green color on the wheels

BMW M3, the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Porsche 911 Turbo

More Porsche goodness, GT3 with roll cage, big wing, not quite the RS model. 

Besides wings, let's look at some Italians!

Alfa Romeo 4C, carbon fiber main cockpit

Check the next few photos to see what Italian car this badge is on! One of my favorites!

Hint: Bertone logo on the two seats...

Reading the plate, it's a Bertone X1/9

The Bertone, or FIAT X1/9 is a mid-engine car from the 70s-80s, with a front trunk and this smaller rear trunk too!

Mid engine location

I liked seeing the Momo brand steering wheel

The FRUNK (front trunk) is where you can store your targa roof!

X1/9 looking good!

FIAT 500 Abarth and the Alfa Romeo 4C. Forza Italia!

OK, enough with wings and Italians, let's look at some classic American iron!

Nice blue Firebird!

I liked the little decoration ahead of the rear wheels, just looks like a rear air intake or brake duct. 

Firebird 400 rear view

Cool details include the Firebird logo, the hood scoops, the 400 badges, and the front bumper that has that central part sticking out front

I don't know of any modern cars that have the tachocmeter outside on the hood!

They just don't make Oldsmobiles anymore

As Jake Blues says as Elwood is driving through the mall in the Blues Brothers movie "The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year!"

In case you missed the other two badges on the front of the car, this one is on the top

Holy Cutlass Batman, another Oldsmobile! "Cut the checks"

Speaking of the USA, here's a couple of the new Ford Broncos

And to finish things off, here's some other views around the Cars and Coffee today: 

This Porsche has vents over the front wheels, I believe this relieves air pressure in the wheel wells so you can go even faster. 

This sticker on a BMW shock tower reads BMW-zinnoberrot. My computer translator says that zinnoberrot means vermillion

Along with some Miatas and other Japanese cars was this Toyota MR2. Like the FIAT X1/9 and Porsche Cayman, it's a mid engine design. 

There were 2 or 3 of these BMWs in Oyster Bay today!
Next is one of them with the funniest license plate of the day: 

"Clown Shoe"

Nissan 350Z in a great shade of red


Oyster Bay Cars and Coffee

Center lock wheel on a Porsche GT3RS

Honda/Acura Integra Type R

When you see a Honda badge with the red color, it's a higher performance model

Also in Oyster Bay is the home of the on line auction website PCAR Market, that features Porsches and other models. 

The PCAR Market folks are the same as the Collector Car Showcase

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