Sunday, March 20, 2022

NMS Garage Major Upgrade!

1952 Chevrolet Suburban on display at Summit Racing

During our Spring Break 2022 Midwest Tour, we managed to squeeze in a quick stop with our friends at Summit Racing in Ohio. Summit is one of those places that you might get car stuff catalogs from, or see their ads in car magazines, but if you're driving near Akron Ohio, you should stop by the actual store. They are right off I-76 in Tallmadge Ohio, which is located in Summit County. During our stop last Saturday there were a lot of customers in the store, and it's always fun to look around and see what they've got. While it would be awesome to say that the 1952 Suburban on display came home to upgrade our garage, it's still on display in Ohio!

Thinking your new 3 row seating SUV is the latest thing? Chevy had it way back when, although with only two doors!

I liked seeing so many car parts on display, here's a few of the valve covers: 

and a few more...

Brake pads? They've got 'em, and rotors too. Lots of Hawk and EBC brake pads seen here. 

If you need a racing seat, you really want to try one on for size before you buy it. Plenty to check out here. 

If you're serious about competition, a fire system or just an extinguisher is what you need. 

It LOOKS like an engine, but just lift up on that handle on the front right and you'll see the grill inside. Just in time for summer!

We're looking straight up at the ceiling, and there's this dragster up there!

Waiting to check out. They had maybe 9 check outs going full blast. 

Oh, and some race cars on display too!

Here's the NMS upgrade, I bought a big 8 foot Summit Racing banner to dress up the garage a little bit, so here's the BEFORE, and AFTER shots. Thanks for reading!

Too much white space up there between the windows, don't you think?

Summit Racing banner installed. 

Banner looking good, garage needing clean-up!

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